Why should I rent my instrument from Kolstein Music?
You will have the satisfaction and peace-of-mind that the products and services you receive are steeped in a 70 year tradition of excellence supporting a local and international clientele of string musicians. This is why music educators recommend Kolstein rental instruments to their students!

What is the basis of the rental fee?
The fee is an annual fee paid at the contract inception effective July 1 thru June 30 each year.

Can I rent by the month?
We do not rent by the month. Annual fee is a special discounted rate, which is substantially lower than a prorated monthly fee. The annual discounted fee keeps the cost of rental low by lowering office overhead.

What if my child stops playing and I return the instrument?
The contract will be pro-rated at a pre-determined rate for the amount of time the instrument was used until the annual fee is matched. The pro-rated rate is listed on the contract.

What if my child begins lessons in January?
Your contract will be from January until June 30 at a pre-determined monthly rate.

Why must my instrument be returned by June 30?
Returned instruments must be prepped in time for the beginning of the next school term, so your instrument must be returned or renewed for the next year by June 30th. You will be notified by email or postcard in advance of the due date to return or renew. If you are keeping your instrument for the next school term, renewal can be accomplished by telephone or via the Kolstein website and your ANNUAL contract renewal includes the summer months at no charge to you, thus you can keep your Kolstein rental over the summer.

What does “shop adjustment” mean?
Shop adjustment means that your instrument has been setup and adjusted to perform as designed by our in-house staff of professional luthiers. Setup adjustments include fit and lubrication of pegs so the instrument can be easily tuned and hold pitch; Bridge is properly fit to the instrument with correct curvature, string spacing and string height; Soundpost has been properly fitted and adjusted for maximum sound quality; Nut and fingerboard are properly dressed; Instrument has been strung with new, semi-professional quality strings; Bow is new or rehaired with genuine horsehair; Instrument is thoroughly cleaned and polished.

What is the “Optional Service Contract”?
The “Optional Service Contract” provides a reduced rate for shop services should your instrument get damaged or stolen. Repair services are discounted at a rate 50% or greater. In the event of loss or theft your liability is for 50% of the instrument value as stated on your contract. You will receive a listing of typical services that may occur and their cost under the terms of the “Optional Service Contract”. A small annual fee is paid at the contract inception to participate in this program.

Who needs the “Optional Service Contract”?
Situations determine the need. Does your child travel to school on a school bus with the instrument? Are there siblings or a pet at home that might accidentally damage the instrument? While at school, is the instrument locked in a locker or music room so other children do not have access to it? Does your child have forgetful tendencies?

Is the “Optional Service Contract” insurance?
No. We do not have a license to sell you insurance. You will not be compensated with monies or product for these services. This is a deductible service contract that if enrolled in the program will greatly reduce your liability for damage, total loss or theft of your rental instrument.

What is equity enhancement?
A portion of your rental fee may be applied towards purchase of any instrument and is cumulative for as long as you rent. Equity accrues at 75% the first year of rental and 20% for each additional year. Equity enhancement does not include optional service contract fee or sales tax.

What if my child outgrows the instrument?
Simply return the instrument to the store in exchange for the next size. There is no charge to change instrument size. We simply change the instrument inventory number on your contract.

What if my child or the teacher does not like the instrument?
You may exchange the instrument at no charge. We have instruments of varying models and finishes originating from several of our affiliate shops. We simply change the instrument inventory number on your contract.

My child wants a better quality instrument than the typical rental quality instrument.
We have a second tier of “elite” instruments available for advanced students or those wanting something beyond the beginner level. Typically, these instruments may be two to four levels in quality beyond the entry level depending on available inventory or the particular desires of the player.

I live out of state. Can I rent my instrument from Kolstein?
We do rent instruments to out of state customers. The customer assumes all shipping costs and the service contract is mandatory. If an instrument rented out of state becomes damaged, a new one is sent in its place.