Prior to loading the bass into the Kolstein carrier, it is recommended that the bows be loaded in place before insertion of the instrument. bows not stored in a hardshell bow case can be loaded into the rear padded foam protective accommodation pads in the trunk. The head of the bow should be inserted into the padded slot situated at the rear scroll area of the carrier, the frog will Nestle into the plush valore foam pads in the rear of the trunk with rubber shock cords securing the frog to the foam pads.

Those beings shipped in a hardshell bow case have storage facilities in the front half of the carrier. The bow case should be inserted into the slotted area to the rear of the front scroll shock area. Once inserted, the lower section of the bow case can be secured inside the trunk by the attached shock cord which is simply wrapped around the handle of the hardshell case and then clipped to the trunk hardware. Once this is accomplished, the loading procedure for the base may now begin. It is strongly suggested that the base should be loaded into the carrier in the upright or vertical position. Prior to loading the bass, loosen all the suspension system belts to allow the bass to be fit into the Kolstein carrier. The suspension systems include the upper scroll suspension system, the neck block base suspension system, the leather padded center bout securing belt and the Y-yoke main sling suspension system.

With all suspension systems unclipped and loosened, adjust the foam center bouts of the case to accommodate the instruments with added center as well as to accommodate the overall body length of the instrument. The center bouts are adjusted simply by loosening the securing wing nuts located at the bottom platform of the center bout. Center bouts may be adjusted in all possible directions once these wing nuts are loosened. This procedure may require placing the base into the trunk to make certain the center bouts are properly fit for the particular base that will be loaded. Once in the desired position. Tighten the wing nuts thoroughly. It should be noted that once the center bouts are properly adjusted, they need not be adjusted again unless a different dimension base is being loaded into the Kolstein base carrier. You may now place the bass onto the properly adjusted center bouts of the carrier.

Attach the upper scroll shock system by tightly wrapping the nylon cam around the scroll several times. Secure the webbing through the spring release buckle utilizing the rubber padding to protect the scroll from metallic hardware. Please note: if the base has a low C string extension, it is recommended that a one inch nylon cam be wrapped behind the extension, not around it. It is best to have the one inch nylon cam directly on the scroll and peg box. The upper scroll suspension system has a one inch nylon cam that threads into a spring tooth buckle mounted to the back of the trunk. At this point, tighten up the slack in this one inch cam. Newer Uni-Air carriers have this cam affixed directly to the rear of the case so no adjustment is needed. In either scenario, this system gives extra security to the position of the instrument in the trunk. In the event the trunk ends up in an upside down position while in transit. At the base of the neck is a secondary neck suspension system wraps the one inch nylon cam around the neck over the fingerboard and strings. Thread the one inch cam through the spring release buckle over the strings and tighten securely.

Make certain that the rubber padding is in place to protect the instrument from metallic hardware. Now secure the foam padded leather restraint belt to secure the instrument in the padded center bouts. Wrap the extension protective pad over the edge of the top table making certain that the two inch metal take-up belt buckle is not exposed to the top of the instrument. With the Y-yoke padded two inch main sling loosened, allow it to cradle the lower bout ribs of the instrument. The Y-yoke design should have one section of the yoke in front of the end pin and the other section of the yoke situated behind the end pin, both laying flat on the ribs. Tighten the main sling so as to lift the instrument slightly into a more suspended position above the lower shock platform. The take-up buckle is located in the upper section of the trunk. The two inch nylon cam should be threaded through the take-up buckle as demonstrated. The end pin of the instrument should be suspended slightly above the shock platform. In situations where the base has an exceptionally long end pin shaft, removal of the shaft may be necessary and you can secure it safely in the trunk. At this point, the patent pending Uni-Air suspension airbags can be inflated as follows. It is suggested that prior to the actual inflation of the airbags within the Kolstein carrier, that purge of the safety relief air valve be accomplished to make certain this air valve is properly functioning. Close the shutdown T-valve in the rear of the base carrier to the closed perpendicular position. Unclip the inflation bulb. Close the relief screw on the air bulb to allow for inflation. Pump the air bulb and you will hear the safety relief air valve relieve itself. This procedure will purge the valve and let you know it is fully operative. Now you’re ready to do the actual inflation of the airbags. Open the rear shut down T-valve to allow air to flow into the airbags within the carrier. Squeeze the inflation bulb to inflate the airbag, the suspension system will inflate to it’s maximum. At this point, the system’s safety relief valve will relieve itself to avoid over inflation. This tells you that the airbags are now fully inflated. It is always prudent to use caution and care when inflating the airbags. The safety relief valve will indicate the system is fully inflated when a release of air from the valve is heard. The air valve will automatically stop relieving air pressure. Once the system is inflated, again, locate the shutdown T-valve in the back of the carrier and rotate the shutoff valve to the perpendicular position. This will close the air system off preventing the possibility of deflation of the airbag system while in use. At this point reclip the inflation ball pump into its proper storage position in the case. To release the air on the suspension airbags, simply open the shut off valve by rotating the valve to the open position and release the screw valve on the ball pump to allow all of the air to escape from the airbag system. Please note it is important that the safety relief valve be periodically tested before each use to check that it is in proper operating condition. When the airbags are fully inflated, the base will be securely fastened within the Uni-Air bass carrier totally insulated against movement within the case. Be certain that all inflation apparatus is secured into its proper storage area. All suspension systems now must be rechecked and re tightened prior to shipment. The Uni-Air bass carrier has an accessory compartment located at the front of the valore apron in the front of the case. The carrier also has a clip out accessory mesh bag and wardrobe hanger for clothing. To load a bass bag, it is recommended that the carrier have the lid closed then the trunk should be laid down on its back.

The top can be opened with the nylon opening straps holding the top of the case open. Please note, use extra caution when the top is in this position to prevent the top from accidentally coming down while placing the bass cover into the case. The bass cover can now be gently placed over the top of the loaded bass and the top of the trunk can be closed. With the top closed. All locks can be clasped and securely closed. The Kolstein Uni-Air Bass Carrier has been designed with a minimum amount of maintenance being necessary. This includes regular oiling of locks and hinges. If scratching should occur on the exterior of the case, applying crude oil on a scratched area will eliminate the abrasive marks and if hardware is damaged replacement parts are available and may be installed by standard 13/64 inch pop rivet tools available at any hardware outlet. The Kolstein Uni-Air Bass Carrier is the sole design of Kolstein Music Incorporated. Kolstein has worldwide manufacturing and distribution ownership of the Kolstein Uni-Air Base Carrier.



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