Kolstein’s™ Ultra Formulation Supreme Rosin

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Kolstein rosin supreme represents a tradition that spans over five decades, making the finest rosin with a formulation that meets the demands of each and every member of the string quartet and caters to their specific needs.

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We offer various grades of unsurpassed rosins: Cello (Normal Grade and Medium Grade.) Bass rosin: (Soft, All-Weather, Hard Grades) to accommodate all climatic conditions and playing needs. In the early 1960s, Samuel L. Kolstein began his quest to solve the lack of quality rosin. At the time - generic grades of rosin were used for violin, viola, cello, and bass.

Rosins had a problem of overly powdering and were known to dry out over time. With the disappearance of Weidoft Bass rosin, the leading bass rosin brand at that time.

With Samuel's extensive background in Lutheran and engineering, he dedicated several years of extensive research and development. In creating a line of rosins that's specifically formulated to accommodate string instruments and players' needs. Offering playing qualities of low powdering, endurance, and consistent adherence to the hair of the bow.

Kolsteins new rosin attracted the attention and loyalty of some of the finest players of that era. After the passing of Samuel Kolstein in 1999, his son Barry Kolstein took over the development process furthering the refinement by implementing automated heating and pouring procedures. Which immensely improved quality control and streamlined the production process. The complex rosin machinery, designed by Barry Kolstein slowly heats the rosin components to exact temperatures constantly monitored and controlled to ensure that the melting process does not heat or boil off any of the essential ingredients in the rosin formulation. Each batch of Kolstein rosin is measured to exact specification with quality forefront and maintained during each production run.

With each rosin production, the rosin is stored in silicone molds for a curing period of several days. After removal, our rosin then adheres to a decorative cloth with a protective polymer capped over every keg. This ensures that every batch of rosin produced will maintain its optimal performance in and out of storage. These manufacturing details and other proprietary techniques are why Kolstein rosin is the premier name in stringed instrument rosins worldwide, and why it's world-renowned for excellence.