KOLSTEIN’S UNI-AIR BASS TRAVEL CASE  0:21 Prior to loading the bass into the Kolstein carrier, it is recommended that the bows be loaded in place before insertion of the instrument. bows not stored in a hardshell bow case can be loaded into the rear padded foam protective accommodation pads in the trunk. The head of […]

cello case

 KOLSTEIN’S UNI-AIR CELLO TRAVEL CASE  Quality, Craftsmanship, Integrity, Perfection, all hallmarks of the Kolstein product reputation. After three years of extensive research and development, Kolstein Music Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Travel Case. The Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Carrier affords worry free transport with the knowledge that your […]

travel bass with removable neck

   0:13 – STEP BY STEP HANDLING OF KOLSTEIN’S BUSETTO BASS WITH REMOVABLE NECK  Secure the strings to the neck using the rubber strap. This will keep the springs from getting entangled when the neck is removed and prevent the strings from getting pulled towards the tuning gears. 0:40 Loosen the strings. 1:24 Remove […]

Barrie Kolstein on the Scott LaFaro Prescott bass

Barrie Kolstein explores his history and instruments.

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Although steel strings heralded a new era of bass playing, they were not without their problems. Barrie Kolstein examines the effect they had on the instrument’s structure Throughout its life, the double bass has undergone numerous periods of structural change, especially in contemporary times. The largest and most important transition, however, occurred in the late-1950s […]

  Several times in the past I have been asked to lecture on the difficult process of buying an instrument. Obviously, choosing a new or older instrument to add to one’s collection or to replace an existing instrument, is a very individual procedure, but there are some objective criteria that should be considered during this […]

IN THE THIRTY-PLUS YEARS THAT I HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN professional instrument repair, the winter 2002/3 season proved to be one of the most difficult for vintage and contemporary basses I have ever encountered. This observation is based upon an extremely high incidence of damage occurring in the form of simple seam openings, top table […]