New Online Rentals: You can now submit your order for an annual instrument rental or renew a current rental online.

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Kolstein Music, Inc. offers teacher approved string instruments which have been professionally set up and adjusted in our extensive facilities to meet/or exceed specifications established by the Music Educators National Conference (MENC). This will assure a problem-free instrument. Outfits include horsehair bows, perlon core strings, rosin, and case.


Violin Viola Cello Bass
  • September through June
  • FREE trade-up for next size


Violin Viola Cello Bass
  • Effective only January through June
  • FREE trade-up for next size

Optional Service/Replacement Contract
The purchase of the optional service/replacement contract is voluntary and must be purchased at the initiation of the rental contract. Coverage is valid only for the term of the contract. Coverage includes but is not limited to fire, theft, and accidental damage. Fire and theft exclusion requires an accompanying police report within 10 days of occurrence. Coverage does not include damage caused by neglect, direct abuse, or factors, which at the discretion of Kolstein Music Inc., are determined to be in violation of this clause. A repair co-payment schedule is included with this contract.

Violin Viola Cello Bass

All fees subject to NY state sales tax.

If contract is renewed, maintenance repairs such as string replacement and bow rehairing will be performed at no charge to the renter.

Fifty percent (50%) of the rental fee will be credited towards the purchase price of a new instrument if an instrument is purchased during the first 24 months of consecutive rental.

Rented equipment may be returned at any time during the rental term. A refund for any time the instrument was not used is only applicable for instruments rented full school term and is prorated at the above listed monthly fee for the time used.

All instruments purchased at the Kolstein establishment are subject to full equity trade back for a higher quality instrument less the costs of strings, rehair or repairs necessary beyond normal wear and tear.


Liandro DiVacenza violins, violas and cellos hand made to the exact specifications of Samuel Kolstein and Son, Ltd. and discriminately selected for the ultimate in craftsmanship and tonal properties in an advanced student instrument.

Student model violin outfits include German Brazilwood horsehair bow and a shaped deluxe suspension case with music pocket, blanket, shoulder strap, and plush interior. Viola outfits include shaped suspension case and brazilwood bow. Cello outfits include deluxe padded cover and brazilwood bow. Professionally adjusted in the shop of Samuel Kolstein and Son, Inc. for maximum performance.

DiVacenza Violin Outfits – $895.00 and up
DiVacenza Viola Outfits – $1,195.00 and up
DiVacenza Cello Outfits – $2,800.00 and up


Now Available. 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 bass outfits for the young student with deluxe padded cover; Glasser horsehair French or German bow and the exclusive Kolstein professional shop adjustment which guarantees the ultimate in playability for the young bassist. High quality laminated construction with genuine ebony trim, Tyrolean style plate tuning gears and Kolstein Varicor Excel strings.

1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 Bass Outfits – $2,495.00

DiVacenza Orchestral Carved 3/4 Antique Varnish Bass Violin – $3,900.00

Kolstein Orchestral Bass Violin
7/8 Fendt Model and 3/4 Nardelli model of seasoned European woods, individual Italian brass tuning gears, Kolstein adjustable bridge, Panormo brass collar endpin, handrubbed oil varnish. Fully setup and adjusted within the Kolstein workshop.

Fendt Model – $9,300.00
Nardelli Model – $9,500.00

* * Chosen bass of Principal Bassists – All-State Orchestra – past six years * *


Kolstein Music, Inc. brings an internationally recognized reputation for the restoration of valuable string instruments belonging to the Public Schools. Our fully qualified staff of repairmen expedites repairs with the strictest care given to structural integrity and playability. Good maintenance today means lower cost in the future.

In addition, we provide a wide variety of accessories for the quartet of string instruments. Strings, cases, rosins, and bows are but a few of the competitively discounted products available. We will be happy to assist in recommendations for your equipment needs as well as offer formal bid proposals.

Limited budgets are accommodated by our exclusive lease program which allows minimum payments for equipment over a three to five year period.

Our commitment: to provide the best possible service at a price commensurate with individual school budgets.

* * * Liberal institutional discounts available * * *

The ultimate in containerized instrument transportation is available for purchase as well as daily, weekly or monthly rental. Carriers are constructed of a durable Kevlar exterior shell, an internal air bag inflation system, and multiple independent suspension systems which literally ‘free float” the instrument inside the case. Discounts, long term leasing, and lease/purchase options available upon request.

Appraisers Association of America
Violin Society of America
American Cello Congress
Viola Society
International Society of Bassists