Quality, Craftsmanship, Integrity, Perfection, all hallmarks of the Kolstein product reputation. After three years of extensive research and development, Kolstein Music Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Travel Case.

The Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Carrier affords worry free transport with the knowledge that your valuable cello is safe and secure.   Our carrier is highly maneuverable as it moves on a broad based dual wheel system. This enables a user to handle the carrier with ease and balance and to negotiate steps and other obstacles quickly and safely.

Now you can face airport check in with confidence and peace of mind knowing that our carrier will protect you investment from the rigors of air travel and the dangers of mishandling.

Here at our factory, the carrier is specially designed for local and long distance travel, and is made of durable yet rugged Kevlar construction. with extreme attention to detailing and hand custom fabrication molding the Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Carrier combines Old World craftsmanship with the most advanced technological production techniques to produce a cello transport carrier truly in a class by itself.

The Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Carrier offers a number of outstanding features. The exterior of the carrier is extremely heavy duty hardware. Each piece hand riveted with reinforced backings to each rivet. The exterior of the carrier has protective metal skidding at all strategic points to provide maximum protection. Unique rear suspension step pads create a free floating position for the back of the cello, protecting the vulnerable sound post area.

One of the outstanding features of the carrier is a patent pending Kolstein Uni-Air inflation air suspension system. The interior of the carrier is fully padded with the Luxo plush lining. A plush padded leather restraint belt gently holds the esteem cello in the proper protective position within the carrier. While the shock cord suspension system protects the neck and scroll of the instrument.

Quality Control is constantly monitored. All systems are checked and tested thoroughly before the carrier is allowed to display the Kolstein name.


Cello Travel Case Loading procedure – 3:20

First release the bow shock restraint pads from both Velcro attachments. Then securely placed the head of the bows into the padded insert slots securing the frog into the bow behind the Velcro padded closure. The Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Carrier has the additional feature of a gold tone hygrometer which indicates humidity levels within the case.

Now place any accessories in the front interior pockets.


It is imperative that prior to loading the instrument the adjustable end pin shaft to be reduced to its minimum length, or removed and safely stored. The instrument should be placed in the carrier with the back of the instrument resting on the foam suspension pad system. This ensures that the delicate Southern post areas of the top and back tables of the cello literally are suspended not rested upon any area of the carrier.


Once the cello is within the carrier, attach the scroll shock system by tightly wrapping the nylon web around the scroll. Secure the webbing through the spring release buckle using the rubber padding to protect the scroll from metallic hardware.


At this point, the fully padded leather center belt should be positioned on top of the cello and securely tightened, making certain that plush foam pad is positioned between the top of the cello and the leather belt.

We are now ready to inflate the unit air suspension system. First, unclip the inflation bulb and Close the screw valve by turning it clockwise. Make sure that the shutoff valve in the rear of the carrier is in the open position. Then simply squeeze the bulb to inflate the airbag lifting the cello slightly in an upward direction. This procedure will allow the airbags to distribute inflation equally around the cello, this system will inflate to its maximum.

The system has a safety relief valve to avoid over inflation. However, use caution when inflating the airbags. The safety relief valve will indicate when the system is fully inflated when a release of air from the valve is heard. The air valve will automatically stop relieving air pressure when the proper inflation level has been maintained. At this point, open the valve on the air bulb to allow air to escape. This takes about three to five seconds. This will allow the carrier to easily close while maintaining full inflation around the cello. Now rotate the shutoff valve, which is located on the back of the carrier, clockwise. This ensures that the air system is sealed and prevents the possibility of deflation of the airbag system while in use.

The pressure relief valve must be periodically checked to see that it is in operating condition to test the relief valve simply squeezing inflation bulb while the shutoff valve is in the closed position. It is advised that this procedure be followed prior to each actual inflation of the system, as this will purge any foreign substance from the air relief valve which could hinder its functional performance. Now reclip the inflation ball pump to its storage position. You must now recheck and retighten all suspension systems prior to shipment. After closing the case and securing the hardware, You are now ready for worry free travel.


to unload the instrument first open the screw valve on the inflation bulb and open the shutoff valve to allow air to be released from the airbags. unfasten all restraining straps and carefully remove the instrument from the carrier.


The Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Carrier has been designed to withstand abusive unsupervised transport handling, you can rest assured that your valued cello will be protected constantly under a variety of adverse conditions.


The protective quality of the Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Carrier affords total confidence to the touring cellist whose most valued of cellos will arrive at its destination safely, conveniently and with the economy that only the Kolstein Uni-Air Cello Carrier can offer.