Máiréad Viennese Elite Model Violin
This Master Art copy of Máiréad Nesbitt’s pedigree Mathias Albani Violin affords the fine tonal qualities of this fine pedigree master violin with an most aged appearance varnish.
This fine Máiréad Viennese Model Violin has an extremely strong projection, with great depth and evenness in all registers… so much so that Máiréad has utilized this most amazing copy for international performing along side her actual Albani Violin.
Description of the Máiréad Viennese Elite  Model Violin is as follows:
Top table is two-piece of fine vertical grained spruce
Back table is one-piece moderately flamed maple
Ribs of matching maple to that of the back table
Scroll and neck are of moderately flamed maple
Varnish is light brownish amber color, quite antiqued in nature
This violin was design under the auspices of Máiréad Nesbitt and completed in the shop of Samuel Kolstein & Son, Ltd., New York.

Principal Dimensions:
Overall body length: 356 mm.
Width at the upper bout: 158 mm.
Width at the center bout: 112.5 mm.
Width at the lower bout: 204 mm.

 The Máiréad Viennese Elite Model Violin fully setup full in the Kolstein shop with:
  * Wittner Fine Tune Pegs
  * Highly seasoned Aubert or Despeau Bridge
  * Eva Pirazzi Violin Strings
  * Hill style Ebony Tailpiece with requested fine tuners.
  * Máiréad Nesbitt braided Carbon Fiber bow.
  * Full suspension Dart shaped Violin Cases.
  * Kolstein Violin Rosin.
  * Certificate of authenticity signed by Máiréad Nesbitt.
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