Kolstein’s™ Ultra Formulation Supreme Rosin

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Kolstein rosin supreme represents a tradition that spans over five decades, making the finest rosin with a formulation that meets the demands of each and every member of the string quartet and caters to their specific needs.

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Kolstein offers a fine violin rosin, a rosin specially formulated for the violists needs. Two grades of unsurpassed cello rosins, a normal grade and slightly tacky or medium grade, and a bass rosin available in three different blends, soft, all weather and hard grades to accommodate all climatic conditions and playing needs. In the early 1960s, Samuel L. Kolstein, began a quest to solve the rosin problem, that there really were only generic grades of rosin used for both violin, viola and cello. The bass two had little rosin choices at that time. With the disappearance of weed off base rosin, the main base rosin that was relied upon at that time, the existing rosins had problems of overly powdering and little longevity without drying out, and the formulations were not customized to the needs of the individual player and their instrument. Samuel Kolstein, with his extensive background in Lutheran and engineering, dedicated several years of extensive research and development, and created a line of rosins that were not only specifically formulated to each string instrument and player's needs, but offered longevity of playing qualities, low powdering and even adherence to the hair of the bow. Kolsteins new rosin, attracted the attention and loyalty of some of the finest players of that era. After the passing of Samuel Kolstein in 1999, his son Barry Kolstein took over the development process and refined the full line of Kolstein rosins even more by slight improvements to the formula. In addition, the development of electronic automated heating and pouring parts immensely improve the quality and quality control of each and every production run of Kolstein rosin products. The complex rosin machinery, designed by Barry Kolstein slowly heats the rosin components to exact temperatures constantly monitored and controlled to ensure that the melting process does not heat or boil off any of the essential components in the rosin formulation. Each and every pore is overseen by Barry who is directly involved in the final formulation of each batch of rosin. The multiple components that go into each pour of Kolstein rosin are exactly measured with checks and balances to make sure that the quality is maintained on every piece of Kolstein rosin. The melting pot has an agitator that consistently mixes the components through the entire melting process, once again, ensuring the best consistent quality. Once fully heated and blended. The rosin mixture is then strained into a lower heated dispensing pod, and he impurities in the multiple tree resin components are removed in the final straining to make sure that the coils Dean rosin kegs are of the finest quality possible. After the resin is strained into the dispensing heating pot. The pot is air sealed and pressurized to avoid any evaporation of vapors. This is followed by the pouring process, dispensing the melted costing rosin components through our semi-automatic pouring equipment. All temperature levels are strictly monitored. The resin is then dispensed into heat resistance silicon molds, the not only uniformly cooled molten resin, but also embosses the Kolstein name and logo onto all the violin Viola and cello rosin kegs. The bass rosin has unique silicon packaging, wrapping it in a protective sheath that not only keeps the rosin sealed, but also eliminates the warm weather melting that basis previously experienced. With a rosin pour completed, the rosin is stored in the silicone molds for a curing period of several days before the rosin is removed. It is then adhered to a decorative cloth with a protective plastic shield being capped over every keg of violin, viola and cello rosin. This prevents heat embossing of the cloth onto the perfectly formed Rosalind Wallen storage, all coal steam rosin products, and all associated processes in the production of them are quality controlled to the highest level. This ensures that each and every coal steam rosin will be as good, if not better than all Kolstein rosin previously available. This is why Kolstein rosin is the premier name in stringed instrument rosins worldwide, and why it's world renowned for excellence.