Rental FAQ's


How a stringed instrument is “fitted” is very important. Properbridge height, fit and curve; fingerboard shape and curve; tailgut,tailpiece, and fine tuner adjustments; properly fitted pegs; andsoundpost placement are just some of the necessary details infitting an instrument.Many teachers can agree that a student needs a proper setup tolearn. Not having a great setup can discourage a learning playerfrom continuing because they think they sound terrible and it ishard to learn but that can be because of an in-proper setup.


Owning a new instrument and beginning a lifelong adventureof learning music requires a solid support team. When thingsgo wrong -- and often they do -- having a skilled team to carefor your instrument is critical. Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bassare all fragile instruments and require care to stay in optimalcondition. Luthiers dedicate their life to learning the craftof maintaining a string musical instrument. Formulating arelationship with experienced luthiers, you can learn aboutself-care issues to look out for and how to properly address them.


Amateurs aren’t going to be (ideally) at a beginner level forever.Many shops have rentals that allow for optimal setup and sizeexchanges should a player need different sizes. Shops may alsooffer trade-ins when the instrument was purchased at the shop.The string instrument dealers may also offer rental equityaccrual every year that you rent.A typical child may begin renting in 3rd or 4th grade and mayneed to go through 3-4 different sizes until they reach adult size.Renting is a way to have a proper instrument, setup, and the rightsize. You can also keep exchanging until the player is in adult sizeor until the interest is gauged as to whether to make a purchase toown. Only trust places that specialize in the instruments that youare looking to rent.Most of the time, general music stores do not maintain thesame quality standards as ones that exclusively deal withspecific instrument types. Do a research of reviews andask teachers for recommendations.


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