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Kolstein Music

19th Century Tyrolean Bass

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Modified 7/8th sized, gamba cornered , flatback model. The top is two-piece fine grain spruce.  The back is a two-piece flatback of slab cut maple with no graining and with matching ribs.  The neck and scroll are the original. The gears are individual Tyrolean knobbed plate gears, two to a cheek on the scroll.  The instrument was set up for the modern school of steel string playing with a tension-compensating raised saddle with an adjustable bridge. The color of the varnish is a reddish amber, and as of the date of this appraisal, the instrument is in mint condition.
The dimensions are as follows:
Mensure:                  41 3/4"
Upper bouts:              21"
Depth of ribs:            8-3/8"
Lower bouts:              27-1/4"
Overall body length:      46-1/2"

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