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Kolstein Music

Domenico Montagnana

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Domenico Montagnana arrived in Venice in around 1701 at the age of 15, after apprenticing with Matteo Sellas, who later also employed Carlo Tononi and Pietro Guarneri. Montagnana later opened his own shop in 1712.

Some of his early works show the influence of Stainer, which is common in instruments of the period, but over time Montagnana adopted a broader model with flatter archings characteristically found in Italian instruments.

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- The top is a six-piece sectional plate of spruce ranging in grain from fine at the outer flanks to medium at the center joint.
- The back is a five-piece plate of moderately flamed maple with flame ascending at the center joint.
- The ribs are of matching character to that of the back table.
- The scroll is original of plain grain maple.
The bass was re-dimensioned with a highly flamed neck graft. Gears are individual brass tuners mounted on brass plates.
- The bass has a high percentage of original varnish.
- The varnish is built upon a strong amber wash with a brownish color varnish brushed over the sub wash. The instrument was restored by Samuel Kolstein & Son, Ltd. In 1986 and is so labeled.
- The bass bears the label, “Dominicus Montagnana Sub Signum Venetus 1725”.
The instrument is in mint condition.

Overall Body Length 116.4 cm
Width Across the Upper Bout 56.4 cm
Width Across the Center Bout 38.5 cm
Width Across the Lower Bout 74.7 cm
Mensure 106.1 cm