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Kolstein P.A. Testore Pear Shaped

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Made by Barrie Kolstein within the Kolstein Shop, Baldwin, New York circa 2023. The Bass is a 3/4 size, flat back model Bass Violin, the property of Elizabeth Young. The top table is a two piece plate of slab cut fir. The back table is a two piece plate of Willow, cut on the slab. The ribs are of matching character willow to that of the back table. The scroll and neck are both original of slightly figured maple. The gears are individual brass Baker style tuners. The varnish is a deep brownish amber color quite antiqued in nature. The Bass is setup with Kolstein Low-C Extension.

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String Length: 41 3/8"
Upper Bout: 20"
Middle Bout: 15 3/8"
Lower Bout: 26 3/8"
Overall Body Length: 43 1/2"