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Kolstein Music, Inc.

Liandro DiVacenza™ Hybrid Bass

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SKU: DB150

Model DB150 Liandro DiVacenza Model Hybrid Bass Violin

These finely handcrafted Hybrid Bass features a highly seasoned hand carved spruce top, with flamed maple veneered laminated back and ribs. The back is swellback in design with violin corner. The bass is finished with an antiqued deep brownish red color and has a most impressive deep, lush orchestral or jazz quality of sound. Fitted with Baker-style gears with a tailpiece of either rosewood, ebony, or boxwood.

Bass features an elaborate antiquing varnish process that gives each model a unique, quality, and aged appearance. Tonally and aesthetically these Basses are of true artisan quality. Set up to the highest professional standards including a Fully padded bag, quality Brazil-wood bow, Kolstein Bass rosin, Bib, Quiver, and polishing cloth.

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The model DB150 bass is set up with all the hallmarks of the Kolstein shop including the Kolstein Adjustable Bass Bridge with ebony adjusters, full Kolstein dressing of the high quality ebony fingerboard, tonal adjustment, a Kolstein Fendt brass collar endpin with convertible carbide point-crutch tip, Kolstein VariCor Excel or Heritage bass strings, and a Kolstein deluxe padded bass bag. The price includes a Brazilwood bass bow (French or German style)., is a quality instrument offering fine hand workmanship, quality spirit varnish, ebony fingerboard, and quality ebony fittings. It is completed in the Kolstein shop.