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Kolsteins™ Ultra Formulation Supreme Cello Rosin

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Exacting research and development has perfected Ultra Formulation Supreme rosin in several grades: Violin, Viola, Cello medium, Cello normal, Bass in All-weather, soft or hard grades. World famous for its low powdering and smooth, easy bowing.

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Upon analyzing the rosin situation of the modern cellist, it became apparent that the need for a fine consistent cello rosin was greatly sought after. Up to the time of development of Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Cello Rosin, the cellist was forced to use rosins which were not formulated with the cellist’s requirements primarily in mind. For that matter, the violin, viola, and cello were using identical pieces of rosin.

Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Cello Rosin has eliminated the need for the cellist to use several types of rosins to try to attain what a cello rosin should do to completely satisfy the cellist’s needs. Through much tedious research and experimentation, the result has produced a rosin specifically formulated for the cello.

In producing our cello rosin, the most stringent product control exists, entailing:
Exact measurement of the finest ingredients in strict accord with the developed formula
Pouring into alloy lined wooden molds to insure uniform hardening and avoid thermal cracking
A required minimum curing period for predetermined time.

Packaging design for Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Cello Rosin has been created with the musician’s convenience in mind. The packaging consists of a lint proof chamois-like material attached to the rosin cake, inserted in an attractive gold foil container large enough to accommodate the rosin and backing, but practically sized to easily fit any cello care of cover without becoming cumbersome.

As with all Kolstein rosin, indefinite shelf life exists for the cello rosin. This is created by a continual wetting action which causes non-crystallization and allows for easy application to the bow and minimum powdering on strings and instruments while playing.

Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Cello Rosin has truly answered the problems of the more discriminating cellist who is striving for a specifically formulated rosin which offers the cellist strong, even adherence, long lasting power, extremely low powdering, combined in a rich textured blend of rosin.