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Kolstein Music, Inc.

Kolsteins™ Ultra Formulation Supreme Violin Rosin

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Extensive research has created a violin rosin which is produced through exact product control, entailing: Exact measurement of the finest ingredients in strict accord with the developed formula pouring into alloy line wooden molds to insure uniform hardening and avoid thermal cracking.A required minimum curing period for predetermined time.

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A deluxe design of packaging has been developed for the ultimate in protection and esthetic appearance. The packaging consists of a lint proof chamois-like material backing to the rosin, inserted in an attractive gold foil container large enough to accommodate the rosin and cloth, but practically size to easily fit in any violin case.

A final important feature of Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Violin Rosin is that it has indefinite shelf life: that is, it will never dry out and crystallize as most other rosins do. In fact, once used, the rosin will show a continual wetting action allowing for easy application to the bow and exceptional low powdering to strings and the instrument while playing.

Custom blending to the requirements of ultra-professional musicians is the key to success of a fine rosin. Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Violin Rosin has sub-blended itself so as to offer a choice of a medium grade for viola or a normal grade for violin.

Thus, the violin and viola player is offered the ultimate in quality and choice in a richly blended textured rosin.