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Kolstein Music, Inc.

Giacomo Rivolta Bass

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The Bass Violin, is the work of Giacomo Rivolta, made in Milan, Italy circa 1830. The instrument shows strong influence of the Neopolitan School, particularly from the Gagliano Family of violin making. The instrument is a modified seven-eighth size, cello-shaped, violin-cornered roundback model Bass Violin. 

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The top is a two-piece sectional plate of medium vertical grained spruce. The back table is a one-piece plate of slightly flamed poplar. The ribs are of matching character poplar to that of the back table. The scroll is original of poplar with a highly flamed maple neck graft. The gears are individual brass tuning gears inlaid into the scroll, two tuners to a cheek. The instrument was set up for the modern school of steel-string playing with a tension-compensating raised saddle, with a Kolstein Adjustable bridge. The varnish is light brownish amber. The instrument is in mint condition. It was restored by Samuel Kolstein & Son, Ltd. in 1985 and is so labeled.